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Firehawk Analytics' services are essential to investors who want to optimise their investment returns because they provide valuable insights into the financial health and performance of companies. By using Firehawk Analytics' comprehensive data analytics platform, investors can conduct reliable due diligence on potential investment targets, evaluate the performance of their existing investments, and benchmark their portfolio against industry peers. This allows investors to make data-driven decisions that are based on a deep understanding of the market and the underlying business operations of the companies in which they invest. Firehawk Analytics also provides valuable information on non-financial metrics such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, which are becoming increasingly important considerations for investors.


Enhance investment strategy Make informed decisions for optimal performance

Our service supports Home Offices in overcoming investment challenges with dependable due diligence, effective selection, portfolio management, and timely performance reports for informed decisions and optimal portfolio performance.

  • Delivers accurate performance reports and valuation benchmarking for informed investment decisions.
  • Helps optimise portfolio performance, maximising returns and minimising risks.

Enhance your Private Equity firm's capabilities – Drive informed investment decisions 

Our services provide Private Equity firms with tailored solutions including Buy Side Due Diligence, market sizing, portfolio benchmarking, and valuation for exit strategies, ensuring informed investment decisions and efficient portfolio management.

  • Provides comprehensive due diligence, market analysis, and independent performance reviews for effective portfolio management.
  • Aids in exit strategy planning and investor reporting with valuation benchmarking and timely performance reports.

Refine your VC firm's strategy – Enhance investment decisions and portfolio management

Our service streamlines the VC firms' due diligence process with detailed investment reports, independent performance reviews of investee companies, and benchmarking data for effective portfolio management and health evaluation.

  • Streamlines due diligence with detailed investment reports and independent performance reviews.
  • Offers benchmarking data for efficient portfolio management and health assessment.

Streamline your processes – Gain critical insights and ensure financial accuracy

Our service provides venture debt firms with in-depth borrower creditworthiness analysis, covenant compliance reporting, warrant valuation, and financial health assessments, ensuring transparency and accuracy in decision-making.

  • Delivers comprehensive due diligence and revenue analysis for assessing borrower creditworthiness.
  • Ensures precise financial reporting and warrant valuation, alongside lender financial health assessments.

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