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Firehawk Analytics offers efficient and comprehensive Buy Side Due Diligence services, providing investors with valuable insights into potential investments. Our 10-page due diligence report and dashboards summarise a target investment's financial, customer, and digital marketing data in a visual format for quick and easy interpretation. Our analysis includes financial ratios, customer segmentation, digital marketing metrics, SWOT analysis, and recommendations for next steps, enabling investors to make informed decisions and minimise risks.

Accounting Segmentation

By grouping journal items into appropriate categories, revenue, costs, and balance sheet items can be effectively segmented for analysis.

Financial Trends Analysis

This analysis provides monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue information, as well as key balance sheet and cash flow data to help identify financial trends over time.

Accounting Consolidation

The module consolidates multiple entities taking into consideration manual and automatic eliminations, foreign currency translations, and accounting categorisations of revenues and expenses

Actual vs Budget Comparison

Provides a detailed monthly report for the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements showing actual and budget performance for the month and year to date.


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Make confident investment decisions – Discover vital insights with our efficient due diligence reporting

Our service efficiently generates a comprehensive 10-page due diligence report and dashboards within 10 days, amalgamating key investment data via API, covering financial ratios, customer segmentation, and digital marketing metrics for informed investor decisions.

  • Delivers comprehensive due diligence reports and visual dashboards, summarising key financial and marketing data within 10 days.
  • Includes ongoing updates, financial analysis, customer segmentation, and strategic recommendations for informed investment decisions.


Position your business for success – Gain clear insights with our comprehensive VDD reports

Our service swiftly creates a detailed Vendor Due Diligence report in 10 days, integrating data from multiple sources into a visually accessible format, regularly updated for accuracy, covering financial ratios, customer segmentation, and digital marketing metrics.

  • Streamlines Vendor Due Diligence with comprehensive and visual reporting on key financial and marketing data.
  • Regular updates and detailed analysis, including SWOT, aid vendors in understanding their business and making informed decisions.
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Stay ahead in your investments – Gain real-time insights with our intuitive investor dashboards

Our service provides investors with live dashboards that display real-time financial and key non-financial metrics of target companies, enabling swift, informed decision-making and close performance tracking.

  • Provides real-time, visual insights into key metrics like revenue growth and customer churn for effective investment monitoring.
  • Enables investors to stay updated and act quickly on their investments through tracking strategic initiatives and KPIs.

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