Business Intelligence & Reporting

Firehawk Analytics simplifies the process of business intelligence and reporting, allowing you to effortlessly track your company's performance metrics and key performance indicators. Let Firehawk Analytics do the heavy lifting for you and take your business to new heights.

Accounting Segmentation

By grouping journal items into appropriate categories, revenue, costs, and balance sheet items can be effectively segmented for analysis.

Financial Trends Analysis

This analysis provides monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue information, as well as key balance sheet and cash flow data to help identify financial trends over time.

Accounting Consolidation

The module consolidates multiple entities taking into consideration manual and automatic eliminations, foreign currency translations, and accounting categorisations of revenues and expenses

Actual vs Budget Comparison

Provides a detailed monthly report for the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements showing actual and budget performance for the month and year to date.


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Gain clarity and control in your business decision-making today

The Directors' Wrap provides a concise dashboard of key performance metrics and KPIs, with detailed comparisons of actual versus budget performance, balance sheet insights, and financial health, empowering leaders for informed decision-making.

  • Provides a comprehensive view of performance metrics, including detailed actual vs. budget analysis and solvency insights.
  • Facilitates informed decision-making and proactive business strategies through regular, concise reporting.


Empower your business decisions with Shareholders reports

Firehawk Analytics' Shareholders reports deliver key insights with trend analysis, balance sheet details, and valuation benchmarking, aiding businesses in understanding their financial performance and market position for strategic decision-making and value enhancement.

  • Comprehensive trend analysis and balance sheet information for a clear picture of financial health and market positioning.
  • Valuation benchmarking to compare business value against industry standards, aiding strategic decisions.
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Explore our financial reporting tools for smarter business decisions

Financial reporting provides a vital snapshot of your company's financial health, with easy tracking of trends and results, detailed profit and loss statements, and enhanced graphs and metrics for informed, profitability-boosting decisions.

  • Gain insight into financial trends and performance with monthly to annual reports, including detailed profit and loss statements.
  • Utilise appealing graphs and metrics for a clearer understanding of financial health, aiding in strategic decision-making.


Revolutionise your operations– optimise, communicate, and save today

Firehawk Analytics revolutionizes operations and production with real-time data, enhancing resource management, process efficiency, risk management, and workforce communication for streamlined, cost-effective operations.

  • Streamlines operations with real-time data on production efficiency and inventory management, identifying cost-saving opportunities.
  • Enhances team communication and reduces production risks by optimising resources and processes.
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Enhance your digital strategy with our Digital Marketing dashboard

Our Digital Marketing dashboard provides a comprehensive view of social media performance, tracks traffic and engagement, calculates advertising ROI, and monitors key digital marketing trends, making it indispensable for marketers.

  • Track social media traffic and engagement, and calculate advertising ROI for a clear view of campaign effectiveness.
  • Monitor key digital marketing trends, essential for every digital marketer.


Master your market with Firehawk Analytics' customer segmentation – Start personalising your approach today

Firehawk Analytics enhances B2C customer understanding through segmentation based on common traits and behaviours, enabling tailored marketing strategies for increased satisfaction, loyalty, revenue, and evolving insights with CRM integration.

  • Enables tailored marketing strategies through detailed B2C customer segmentation, boosting satisfaction and profitability.
  • Continuous refinement of segmentation analysis via CRM API connections, adapting to market changes.
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Unlock deeper customer insights with Firehawk Analytics' cohort analysis – start strategizing smarter today

Firehawk Analytics employs cohort analysis to group similar customers, offering insights for optimizing marketing and sales strategies, enhancing customer loyalty and revenue, beneficial for both businesses and investors.

  • Tracks customer retention and repeat purchases, aiding in developing targeted strategies to increase loyalty and revenue.
  • Essential for businesses and investors alike, offering data-driven insights for improved profitability and decision-making.


Boost your marketing impact– Elevate your digital strategy now

Firehawk Analytics boosts Digital Marketing effectiveness with deep analysis of customer behaviour and targeting, enhanced dashboards for campaign tracking, and ROI optimization, leading to increased customer engagement and higher ROI.

  • Provides detailed customer behaviour analysis and campaign effectiveness for strategic targeting and engagement.
  • Aids in informed decision-making for Digital Marketing teams, leading to enhanced engagement and ROI.
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Boost your customer support effectiveness – Start leveraging data-driven insights today

Firehawk Analytics enhances Customer Support with key insights and metrics on volume management, issue resolution, and customer satisfaction, enabling efficient service and clear tracking of performance trends and improvements.

  • Delivers vital metrics for customer support, aiding in efficient issue resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Provides transparent tracking of key support metrics, enabling teams to identify improvement areas and monitor ongoing progress.

Business Intelligence made easy.

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