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Firehawk Analytics services are essential to consultants because they provide a comprehensive and reliable Business Intelligence (BI) platform that consultants can use to support their clients' decision-making process. Consultants can leverage Firehawk's data analytics and reporting capabilities to analyse complex data sets and identify key insights and trends that can help their clients improve their business performance. By using Firehawk's platform, consultants can enhance their own value proposition, increase their credibility with clients, and differentiate themselves from competitors.


Empower your virtual accounting practice – Leverage integrated data for smarter, client-focused solutions

Our platform offers virtual accounting firms a comprehensive, real-time solution integrating clients' CRM, sales, marketing, and financial data for efficient handling and compliance, enhanced with expert insights to build client trust.

  • Streamlines data handling across various business operations, ensuring efficiency and compliance.
  • Provides access to expert analysts for comprehensive, data-driven client solutions.

Streamline your Private Equity firm’s investment process – Gain strategic insights for portfolio success

Our services cater to Private Equity firms with a complete solution set, including Buy Side Due Diligence, market size analysis, portfolio benchmarking, exit strategy planning, and timely performance reporting for informed investment and management decisions.

  • Delivers comprehensive due diligence, market analysis, and independent performance reviews.
  • Aids in exit strategy planning and investor reporting with valuation benchmarking and performance reports.

Enhance your consulting prowess – Deliver impactful insights and strategies effortlessly

Our platform assists strategy consultants with client acquisition, data management, and addressing asymmetry by offering a comprehensive business intelligence suite for efficient data handling and insightful analysis to meet client objectives.

  • Streamlines data access and processing, enabling efficient and engaging consulting services.
  • Facilitates quick analysis of large data volumes for insightful, goal-oriented client strategies.

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