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Firehawk Analytics provides companies with a range of powerful tools to help them manage their finances and make informed decisions about their future growth. From budgeting and forecasting to market sizing and valuation benchmarking, Firehawk Analytics' comprehensive suite of financial tools empowers companies to stay ahead of the competition and maximize their potential for success.

Accounting Segmentation

By grouping journal items into appropriate categories, revenue, costs, and balance sheet items can be effectively segmented for analysis.

Financial Trends Analysis

This analysis provides monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue information, as well as key balance sheet and cash flow data to help identify financial trends over time.

Accounting Consolidation

The module consolidates multiple entities taking into consideration manual and automatic eliminations, foreign currency translations, and accounting categorisations of revenues and expenses

Actual vs Budget Comparison

Provides a detailed monthly report for the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements showing actual and budget performance for the month and year to date.


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Optimise your financial strategy – Start planning for success today

Firehawk Analytics optimizes budgeting and forecasting to align with actual performance and KPIs, involving stakeholders in workshops for goal-centric planning, and integrating into financial reports for a clear view of your company's fiscal health.

  • In-depth budgeting and forecasting aligned with strategic goals, enhanced by stakeholder workshops and scenario planning.
  • Comprehensive financial reporting integration, aiding effective monitoring and decision-making for growth.


Unlock your market's full potential – make strategic, informed decisions with our expert TAM analysis

Our team provides comprehensive Total Addressable Market (TAM) analysis, utilizing extensive databases and trend analysis to offer businesses valuable insights on market size, competition, and growth prospects for strategic planning and expansion.

  • Provides comprehensive insights into market size, competition, and growth opportunities for strategic planning.
  • Regularly updated TAM analysis, ensuring ongoing relevance and accuracy for informed market strategies.
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Stay ahead in valuation and strategy – Benchmark with us for informed financial decision-making

We assist companies in benchmarking their valuation against similar publicly listed entities, providing real-time updates for accurate self-assessment and informed financial strategy decisions, especially crucial for investor attraction and M&A activities.

  • Facilitates valuation understanding by comparing with similar public companies, useful for investments, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Provides real-time, up-to-date valuation benchmarks, aiding in continuous performance monitoring and strategy planning.


Monitor your investment's health effortlessly – Stay informed and proactive with our venture debt dashboards

Our venture debt dashboards provide lenders with a comprehensive view of borrower companies' financial health and covenant compliance, featuring real-time data, key financial ratios, and alerts for prompt issue resolution.

  • Offers real-time tracking of key financial metrics and ratios, ensuring borrowers adhere to covenants.
  • Provides alerts for covenant breaches, aiding lenders in effective portfolio management and decision-making.
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